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The Crafting system in Last Epoch allows players to modify most Equipment Items by adding, removing or changing their Affix Shards. Crafting requires equipment, a crafting item in the modifier slot, and optionally an item in the support item slot.

Unique Equipment, Set Equipment and Legendary Equipment cannot be used in crafting.

Crafting Interface[]

The Forge screen

The crafting window can be accessed by pressing the default key "F". In order to craft, an item must be put in the item slot, optionally supported by a glyph or a rune.


  1. Forging Potential indicator
  2. Prefix Slots
  3. Suffix Slots
  4. Forged Item Slot
  5. Affix Shard Slot
  6. Glyph Slot
  7. Rune Slot
  8. Crafting Cost indicator
  9. Result of Last Crafting

Crafting Items and Inventory[]

Crafting Items can be gathered as loot, and they will be displayed with orange text when dropped in the world. When picked up, crafting items will go into the regular Inventory. When right clicked in the inventory, these items will be moved to the Forge: a crafting storage with unlimited space.

The crafting items are:

  • Glyphs - Optional material that can be used in the glyph slot on the crafting panel.
  • Runes - Material that can be used in the rune slot on the crafting panel.
  • Affix Shards - Material that can add or upgrade affixes on equipment.

Upgrading Equipment[]

Affix shards can be used to add an unsealed affix, or upgrade the tier of an already present one by 1. Upgrading uses some Forging Potential in the process (scales with the current tier of the affix), and it can be done as long as some is available. Affixes can be upgraded up to tier 5: higher tiers can only spawn on an item when dropped.

Critical Success[]

Every upgrade has a small chance to roll a critical success. When it occurs, the affix shard upgrades two tiers instead of one, as well as no Forging Potential and crafting materials are consumed, including Glyphs.

Sealed affixes[]

Sealed affixes are permanently frozen affixes created by a Glyph of Despair. These occupy a specific slot and cannot be further altered or removed.

Crafting Level Requirement[]

Crafting affixes onto equipment can add level requirement to an item. You will not be able to craft equipment that would have a resulting level requirement that is higher than your current Level.

The formula for affix level requirement is as follows:

Where Affix Level Value per tier is:

  • T1 = 1
  • T2 = 3
  • T3 = 6
  • T4 = 10
  • T5 = 14


When an item is shattered using a Rune of Shattering, it is converted into affix shards based on affixes present, yielding them immediately. The amount of shards given is random: it can be as high as one shard for each tier of affix on an item. This means that a maxed out item with four tier 7 affixes could yield up to 28 affix shards (7 of each type), but it will very likely yield less than that.

Shattering always yields at least one affix shard.