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Dungeons are a Game Feature and a type of repeatable content in Last Epoch.

Access[ | ]

Dungeons can be accessed from certain zones on the World Map. Their Waypoint also becomes available once visited.

A dungeon requires a specific Dungeon Key to enter, which is expended on use and cannot be regained. Keys have a slightly low chance to drop from rare monsters and bosses above a certain area level. Bosses in the Monolith of Fate are guaranteed to drop a key upon defeat.

Overview[ | ]

A dungeon is an optional area that contains a number of sub-zones with a unique challenge and reward, making them compelling to complete over and over again. Dungeons augment the leveling process by interconnecting two remote zones of the world map, enabling to skip parts of the main storyline.

Dungeons also grant a free location-specific ability (costing 0 mana) that can be used as long as the player character is in the dungeon. These abilities must be used to make progress and control the dungeon's environment.

Stages[ | ]

Each dungeon must be navigated through three levels filled with enemies. Each stage has two entrances, which must be discovered and entered in order to progress, adding monster modifiers while also improving loot. Once a new zone is entered, it's impossible to return to the previous one (although the new effects can be reviewed before entering).

Monster and Loot Scaling[ | ]

Like other endgame features, dungeons have varying zone level and consequently difficulty and rewards, through several tiers. Initially, only the first tier is unlocked, with successive tiers unlocking as the dungeon is completed. Higher tiers increase the strength of monsters found, as well as the rarity and quantity of loot. The tier for a dungeon instance is determined by the player, upon entry. Tier modifiers rotate on a daily basis.

While progressing through a dungeon, additional monster and loot modifiers must be chosen at hubs, scaling risk versus reward further.

List of Dungeons[ | ]

Name Min. Area Level Min. Key Drop Level Accessed from Unique Reward Dungeon Boss
Lightless Arbor 22 25 Shrouded Ridge (reachable from The Surface) Vaults of Uncertain Fate The Mountain Beneath
Soulfire Bastion 45 47 Felled Wood Soul Gambler Fire Lich Cremorus
Temporal Sanctum 55 54 The Ruined Coast Eternity Cache Chronomancer Julra