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Enemies are Characters which will attack players when aggroed. Enemies are affected by skills that target enemies. They can be targeted by hovering over them with the mouse and it will display their health in red.

Spawn Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Enemies have a chance to spawn as a rare heroic version giving them increased stats and potentially added Skills.

Enemies also have a chance to spawn with Enemy Affixes which enhances their Character Stats.

Some enemies may also be spawned as Minions of other enemies through their skills.

Hostile Characters[edit | edit source]

Hostile Characters are enemies that will aggro onto and attack Players, Friendly Characters and Neutral Hostile Characters. Once aggroed they will continue to be aggroed on the character until their model despawns. When the player is close enough for the model to spawn again, they will re-aggro onto the character.

The Altar of FleshUndead
AbyssalCrawler.pngAbyssal CrawlerHostileThe Ruins, Temple of Eterra and The ArenaVoid
Admiral harton.pngAdmiral HartonHostile
Has Dialogue
The Deck and The ArenaUndead
Ahuizotl.pngAhuizotlHostileThe Underground Lake and The Arena
Apprentice farron.pngApprentice FarronHostile
Has Dialogue
Pannion's Study and The ArenaHuman
Architect liath.pngArchitect LiathHostile
Has Dialogue
Sanctum of the ArchitectHuman
Archyrean.pngArchyreanHostileAncient Forest and The ArenaRaptor
Argolos the blessed.pngArgolos the BlessedHostile
Wraith DunesInsect
75pxAsh WolfHostileThe ArenaWolf
Avian chimera.pngAvian ChimeraHostileThe Great College, The Risen Lake and The ArenaUndead
Aviline chimera.pngAviline ChimeraHostileDeck and The ArenaUndead
Bitterwing.pngBitterwingHostileIce CavernsAvian
Bloated husk.pngBloated HuskHostileTemple of Eterra and The ArenaVoid
Blood chimera.pngBlood ChimeraHostileRust LandsChimera
Blood scorpion.pngBlood ScorpionHostileMaj'elka CatacombsScorpion
BristleMaw.pngBristlemawHostileThe Cliffs, Trollmud Swamp and The Arena
75pxByorlHostileThe Arena
CorruptedStatue.pngCorrupted StatueHostileThe Sundered Path and The Arena
Covenant of dominion.pngCovenant of DominionHostile
Burning PierOsprix
Dark seer.pngDark SeerHostileCorrupted Lake and The ArenaHuman
Decaying spriggan.pngDecaying SprigganHostileThe Sheltered Wood and The ArenaSpriggan
Deep chyrean.pngDeep ChyreanHostileAncient Cavern and The ArenaRaptor
Desecrated flesh.pngDesecrated FleshHostileDesert Waystation and The ArenaHuman
Devoured husk.pngDevoured HuskHostileThe Precipice and The ArenaVoid
75pxDire WolfHostileThe ArenaWolf
DraalSpitter.pngDraal SpitterHostileTrollmud Swamp and The Arena
Drowned husk.pngDrowned HuskHostileRuined CoastVoid
Drowned visage.pngDrowned VisageHostileWelryn Docks and The ArenaVoid
Eastern archyrean.pngEastern ArchyreanHostileVerdant Lakes and The ArenaRaptor
Elder pannion.pngElder PannionHostile
Has Dialogue
Found in Lore
The Lower DistrictHuman
Fallen osprix.pngFallen OsprixHostileLower Sewers and Barren AqueductOsprix
Flame gryphon.pngFlame GryphonHostileGates of SolarumGuardian
Flame guard sulla.pngFlame Guard SullaHostile
Welryn Outskirts and The ArenaUndead
Flame paladin.pngFlame PaladinHostileGates of SolarumOsprix
Flayer shark.pngFlayer SharkHostileStrand of Storms and Coral PoolsShark
Frost wyrm.pngFrost WyrmHostile
Monolith of FateSerpent
Frostroot warden.pngFrostroot WardenHostile
Has Dialogue
Tomb of MorditasEnt
Fume.pngFumeHostileRust Lands
Giant scorpion.pngGiant ScorpionHostileThe Shining Cove, Majasan Desert and Wraith DunesInsect
Glade chyrean.pngGlade ChyreanHostileAncient Forest and The ArenaRaptor
God hunter argentus.pngGod Hunter ArgentusHostile
Has Dialogue
Argentum SpireOsprix
Gulamander.pngGulamanderHostileLake LiathGorn
75pxHaruspex OrianHostile
The Ulatri CliffsOsprix
Headless dreg.pngHeadless DregHostileNecropolis of the DeepUndead
Hulking overgrowth.pngHulking OvergrowthHostileLast Refuge Outskirts and The ArenaOvergrowth
Ice elemental.pngIce ElementalHostileIce CavernsElemental
Ice goliath.pngIce GoliathHostileSolemn PathGiant
Idol of loathing.pngIdol of LoathingHostile
The Precipice and The ArenaVoid
Idol of loathing.pngIdol of RuinHostile
Corrupted Lake and The ArenaVoid
Immortal eye.pngImmortal EyeHostileImperial Welryn, The Great College and The ArenaUndead
Immortal overseer.pngImmortal OverseerHostileMaj'elka and The ArenaUndead
Imperial assassin.pngImperial AssassinHostileImperial Welryn, The Soul Warden's Road and The ArenaUndead
Imperial guard.pngImperial GuardHostileDarkling Pier, Imperial Dreadnought, Deck and The ArenaUndead
Imperial halberdier.pngImperial HalberdierHostileMaj'elka and The ArenaUndead
Imperial hoplite.pngImperial HopliteHostileWelryn Outskirts and The ArenaUndead
ImperialNecromancer.pngImperial NecromancerHostileThe Shining CoveUndead
Imperial sentry.pngImperial SentryHostileMaj'elka and The ArenaUndead
Imperial shadow.pngImperial ShadowHostileSapphire Quarter and The ArenaUndead
Imperial watcher.pngImperial WatcherHostileUpper NecropolisUndead
Infernal husk.pngInfernal HuskHostileTemple of Eterra, The Sanctum Bastille and The ArenaVoid
Jakith bear.pngJakith BearHostileWelryn Undercity and The ArenaUndead
Jewelled weaver.pngJewelled WeaverHostileMajasan Desert, Wraith Dunes, Maj'elka and The ArenaSpider
Profane flesh.pngLatrian the AbandonedHostileUpper NecropolisUndead
Lightning elemental.pngLightning ElementalHostileTemple of LagonElemental
Lithrac.pngLithracHostileThe Abandoned Tunnel and The ArenaRaptor
Loctis.pngLoctisHostileRust Lands and The ArenaInsect
Lumoraan.pngLumoraanHostileTemple of LagonInsect
Magma gorn.pngMagma GornHostileAncient Cavern and The ArenaGorn
Marsh beetle.pngMarsh BeetleHostileThe Risen Lake and The ArenaInsect
Meruna ogre.pngMeruna OgreHostileTemple of LagonGiant
Meruna siren.pngMeruna SirenHostileLagon's IsleSiren
Mountain raven.pngMountain RavenHostileBarren AqueductAvian
Necromancers crow.pngNecromancer's CrowHostileDarkling Pier, The Imperial Dreadnought, The Deck and The ArenaAvian
Necropolis scavenger.pngNecropolis ScavengerHostileNecropolis of the DeepUndead
Oasian gorn.pngOasian GornHostileVerdant Lakes and The ArenaGorn
Oblivion crawler.pngOblivion CrawlerHostileRuined CoastVoid
Orchirian the rampant.pngOrchirian the RampantHostile
Verdant Lakes and The ArenaOvergrowth
Ortraek the survivor.pngOrtra'ek the SurvivorHostile
Ruined CoastVoid
Osprix lightmage.pngOsprix LightmageHostileLake LiathOsprix
Osprix raider.pngOsprix RaiderHostileBurning PierOsprix
Osprix vanguard.pngOsprix VanguardHostileGates of SolarumOsprix
Pannions student.pngPannion's StudentHostile
Pannion's Study and The ArenaHuman
Phrax.pngPhraxHostileThe Cliffs, Trollmud Swamp and The Arena
Pontifex aurelus.pngPontifex AurelusHostile
Liath's TowerOsprix
Profane flesh.pngProfane FleshHostileUpper NecropolisUndead
Prophet of ruin.pngProphet of RuinHostile
Corrupted Lake and The ArenaHuman
Ravenous voidform.pngRavenous VoidformHostileThe Last Archive and The ArenaVoid
Rime giant.pngRime GiantHostileIce CavernsGiant
Rotting hunter.pngRotting HunterHostileWelryn Undercity and The ArenaSpider
Ruin skuttler.pngRuin SkuttlerHostileThe Ruins of Welryn, Welryn Undercity and The ArenaSpider
Shell hound.pngShell HoundHostileLake LiathCanine
Siege captain galiga.pngSiege Captain GaligaHostile
Imperial Welryn and The ArenaUndead
Silent disciple.pngSilent DiscipleHostileThe Surface and The ArenaHuman
Skittering undergrowth.pngSkittering UndergrowthHostileAncient Forest and The ArenaInsect
Skullen pyromancer.pngSkullen PyromancerHostileMajasan Desert, Wraith Dunes and The ArenaSkullen
Sleet weaver.pngSleet WeaverHostileThe Forsaken Trail and The ArenaSpider
Solar ascendant.pngSolar AscendantHostileGates of SolarumOsprix
Soul cage.pngSoul CageHostileThe Soul Warden's Road and The ArenaUndead
Soul repository.pngSoul RepositoryHostileWelryn Undercity and The ArenaUndead

Neutral Hostile Characters[edit | edit source]

Neutral Hostile Characters are enemies that will aggro onto and attack Players, Friendly Characters and Hostile Characters. Once aggroed they will continue to be aggroed on the character until their model despawns. When the player is close enough for the model to spawn again, they will re-aggro onto the character.