Enemy Affixes

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Enemy Affixes are Modifiers for Character Stats on Enemies. Every enemy has a random chance to spawn with a suffix, prefix, or both. The higher level an enemy, the higher chances of spawning with an affix, or multiple affixes.

Prefixes[edit | edit source]

  • Healing - Regenerates Health when not taking damage
  • Twinned - Summons a twin at half health
  • Fracturing - Reinforcements on death
  • Summoning - Summons Ancestral Ghosts
  • Vengeful - Frenzies when allies die
  • Familiar - Revives after 2 seconds
  • Guarded - Calls an ally at half health

Suffixes[edit | edit source]

  • Monolith - Increased Tenacity
  • Stag - Increased Damage
  • Hare - Increased Movement Speed
  • Rampancy - Periodically becomes Rampant
  • Ox - More Health
  • Lynx - Increased Attack Speed
  • Lizard - Regenerates Health
  • Shadows - Has a chance to dodge hits
  • Rage - Enrages at half health