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Equipment are Items which can be equipped to a player to enhance their stats. Equipment can be found as loot from Enemies or Containers or purchased for Gold from the Blacksmith. They can be equipped from the Inventory screen, and are automatically equipped to empty slots when picked up.


Equipment can be found as basic equipment, magic equipment, or Unique Equipment.

Basic equipment has no affixes, magic equipment has at least one Affix.

When found as loot equipment displays as different colors depending on the rarity. Basic equipment is white, magic equipment with one to two affixes is blue, three to four affixes is yellow. Unique equipment is orange and set items are green.

At higher Levels equipment with multiple affixes becomes more common.

Equipment Types[]

Each piece of equipment has type which determines which slots that they can go into.

The equipable slots for each character are as follows:

HelmetIcon.png Helmets

AmuletIcon.png Amulets

WeaponSlotIcon.png Weapons

BodyArmorIcon.png Body Armors

OffhandIcon.png Offhands

RingIcon.png RingIcon.png Rings

BeltIcon.png Belts

GlovesIcon.png Gloves

BootsIcon.png Boots

RelicIcon.png Relics


Equipment has:

Level Requirement[]

Equipment has a base level requirement, depending upon its base type, as well as affix level requirement, which depends on the number and tier of affixes on the item. The effective level requirement for a piece of equipment is whichever is higher, the base level requirement or the affix level requirement.

The formula for affix level requirement is as follows:

Where Affix Level Value per tier is:

  • T1 = 1
  • T2 = 3
  • T3 = 6
  • T4 = 10
  • T5 = 14