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Fire Shield is a Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 9.

Fire Shield
Level 9
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Other Skill Tags:
Buff and DoT
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[]

Surrounds you with a protective shield for 14 seconds that grants 100 elemental protection and has 20% chance to retaliate with a fire blast when you are hit. Can be cast instantly.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage and 2% increased mana efficiency

Skill Nodes[]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Searing Retaliation Searing Retaliation Fireballs cast by this shield deal 20% increased damage per point 4
Rapid Retaliation Rapid Retaliation 4 reduced damage threshold for retaliating per point. 6
Burning Orbs Burning Orbs Fireballs cast by this shield have 20% chance to ignite per point. 5
Piercing Flames Piercing Flames Fireballs cast by this shield pierce. 1
Master of the Elements Master of the Elements Grants 25 additional elemental protection per point. 5
Pyromancer's Aegis Pyromancer's Aegis Grants 10% global ignite chance per point while Fire Shield is active. 3
Warding Warding Grants 1 additional ward generated per second per point. 5
Frostburn Shield Frostburn Shield Grants 40% increased cold damage, reduces duration by 4 seconds. 1
Plasma Shield Plasma Shield Grants 40% increased lightning damage, reduce duration by 4 seconds. 1
Protector Protector Can be cast on allies. 1
Emanation of Heat Emanation of Heat Nearby enemies have a 20% chance to be ignited every second. 1
Frequent Emanation Frequent Emanation Emanation of Heat occurs 15% more frequently per point. 4
Lasting Defense Lasting Defense Lasts 3 seconds longer per point. 5
Circle of Flames Circle of Flames Deals 6 damage to nearby enemies per second per point. Added damage applies at half its value per second. 40% increased mana cost. 1
Inferno Ring Inferno Ring Circle of flames deals 3 additional fire damage per second per point. 5
Wide Emanation Wide Emanation 15% increased radius of damaging area per point. 5


Very early on in development, Ice Ward had a different icon. A recoloured version was repurposed as the icon for Fire Shield.