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Isadora's Revenge is a set Helmet based on the Bronze Casque with a level requirement of 7.

Isadora's Revenge
Set Bronze Casque
75-75 Added Armor
Line Break300.png
+10% Glancing Blow Chance
+180 Stun Avoidance
+40 Health
(2) Set:
60% Increased Necrotic Damage if you have been hit in the last 5 seconds
(3) Set:
+30% Mana Efficiency with Necrotic Abilities
".. and enraged she rose with murder in her eyes.."
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 1000

Equipment Based on Bronze Casque

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
BronzeCasque.pngBronze CasqueHelmet75-75 Added ArmorBase39