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Items are physical objects which are interacted with by Player Characters. Items may be stored in a player's Inventory, in their Stash, or in their Crafting supply depending. Some items may also be used in Trading.

Newly dropped items will have a glow on them in the player Inventory until they have been hovered over, or the Inventory window opened and closed.


Equipment is a subset of items which can be equipped to a player to enhance their stats. Equipment can be found as loot from Enemies or Containers or purchased for Gold from the Blacksmith.

Crafting Items[]

Crafting items are used as part of the crafting process.

The crafting items include:


Cosmetics are a subset of items which are used by characters but which have no effect on their stats. Instead they create cool visual effects! Cosmetic items can be purchased as part of Supporter Packs, earned in Events such as the 2018 Kickstarter Fundraiser, purchased in the cosmetic shop with cosmetic points, or earned through gameplay.


Potions can be picked up as loot and used to heal the player. The number of potions a player can hold is determined by the number of Potion Slots on their Belt.

Interactable Objects[]

The following interactable objects can be found within the game environment and create some form of effect when interacted with. They are generally not labeled by the UI.