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Last Epoch Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers to provide information for the game.

Our community of editors is open to anyone! From this page you can:

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Gamepedia Wiki Representative[]

This wiki currently has no representative.

Community Administrators

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Contribution Help and Guides[]

General Guidelines for Last Epoch Wiki[]

  • Be sure to read our Manual of Style for information on our general formatting and grammar across the wiki.
  • Be bold, there's no need to wait. Jump right in and start editing. #Projects may be a great place to start, or you can start small by fixing spelling, grammar, and other errors you come across.
  • Prohibited content: Please do not add leaked content information, content that the Developers have requested be left off the wiki, or pages on specific developers without their permission.

Help With Wiki Editing[]

  • Check out Gamepedia'shelp wiki for help with formatting, editing, images, tables and more.

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Community Discussions[]

See what the community is currently talking about at the Village Pump or start new conversations about the wiki.

To create a proposal for a user to become an Administrator, or to see/comment on current proposals, head over to Project:Requests for Adminship

Check out the Last Epoch Official Discord. It has an active channel just for conversations on updating the wiki!

Additionally you can join to the Gamepedia Slack Community and join the #lastepoch channel.


You can see which projects are being worked on, or add new projects for the wiki at Last Epoch Wiki:Projects

The wiki maintenance category can be a good place to find pages that need user input.

Wanted Pages and Wanted Files are useful for finding content that needs to be added to the wiki.