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A project represents a focused effort by a group of editors to improve a particular part of the wiki, any assistance on the projects below is greatly appreciated. If you think an area needs improvement and it isn't included in the list below you are most welcome to start another project.

Contributing to a Project[]

Anyone is welcome to contribute to any of the projects on the wiki. If you are contributing to a given project it does not obligate you to continue working on that project.

You may add your name to a list of contributors on any project page, this is completely optional and non-binding. You do not need to have contributed to the project before adding your name.

Creating a New Project[]

Create a new article in the Last Epoch Wiki namespace which has the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to update the items gallery, you could make the article "Last Epoch Wiki:Projects/Items Gallery Project".

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add it to the list of current projects above and to Category:Projects

Current projects[]

Content-related projects[]

  • /Update Patch Content
    • Track game versions and update content throughout the wiki with each new version.
  • /Shards
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for affix shards
  • /Skill Nodes
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for skill nodes
  • /Passives
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for passive nodes.
  • /NPCs
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for NPCs.
  • /Modifiers
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for player modifiers from skills, equipment, statuses and passives
  • /Character Stats
    • Add information to Character Stats pages and standardize their layout. Maintain accuracy of formulas
  • /User Interface
    • Gather screenshots of UI elements and ensure that the interface sections on all pages in Category:UI are consistent.
  • /Skills
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for player skills.
  • /Cosmetics
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for shop cosmetics
  • /Locations
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for zones throughout the game.
  • /Statuses
    • Create and maintain pages for status ailments.
  • /Quests
    • Create and maintain pages, templates and cargo for quests, rewards and objectives.
  • /Equipment
    • Create and maintain pages,templates and cargo for equipment.
  • /Animation Videos
    • Create and maintain videos for skill animations, skill effects and other visual indicators
  • /History
    • Create patch notes for specific pages from each game version. Create and maintain cargo database.
  • /Bugs
    • Create template and database for reporting common bugs, inconsistencies and potential workarounds.
  • /Icons
    • Obtain and utilize the best possible icons for all 2d sprites on the wiki.

Wiki-related projects[]

  • /Tooltips
    • Create tooltips for all innerwiki page links. Create different templates based on the category of the page.
  • /Featured Images
    • A project for managing the featured images section on the frontpage.
  • /Page Info Templates
    • Templates which indicate if content is upcoming, planned, unimplemented or no longer in use.
  • /News Hub
    • Overhauled front page design with a centralized news hub for all official and community news, announcements and events.
  • /Hydra Skin
    • Create a light themed variant of the wiki CSS selectable from user preferences
  • /Mobile Site
    • Create streamlined experience for mobile users, ensure that elements, especially tables, are displayed properly when viewing in mobile.

Community-related projects[]

  • /Userboxes
    • Fun community feature for users to add to their profiles.
  • /Guilds
    • Community namespace to feature guilds, and provide a communication platform for them.
  • /Builds
    • Community namespace to construct, share and discuss builds
  • /Guides
    • Community namespace to generate and update detailed game guides

Dormant Projects[]

Content-related projects[]

Wiki-related projects[]

  • /Categorize Files
    • Ensure all images have a category, and that they are in their category.

Community-related projects[]