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Meteor is a Sorcerer Spell Skill which is unlocked via Passives.

Skill Description[]

Call a meteor from the sky that deals a large amount of damage upon landing. Added damage is applied at 600% effectiveness.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[ | ]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Infernal Descent Infernal Descent 15% more damage and 5% less cast speed per point. 9
Celestial Celerity Celestial Celerity 20% increased fall speed, cast speed and mana cost per point. 3
Crushing Force Crushing Force 15% more damage against enemies on full health per point. 6
Shattering Star Shattering Star 34% chance for the meteor to break into shrapnel on impact per point. 3
Rapid Break Up Rapid Break Up Shrapnel travels 30% faster and further per point. 4
Piercing Remnants Piercing Remnants Shrapnel pierces, but deals 20% less damage. 1
Jagged Fragments Jagged Fragments 25% more shrapnel damage per point. 6
Force of Impact Force of Impact 25% increased stun chance per point 5
Astral Knowledge Astral Knowledge 10% increased stun chance and mana efficiency per point. 4
Rapid Descent Rapid Descent 20% increased fall speed per point. 5
Twin Meteors Twin Meteors Adds an additional meteor. Meteors fall within a 4 meter radius. 35% less damage. 1
Distant Craters Distant Craters 15% more damage per point. The area in which meteors can drop is increased by 15% per point. 5
Meteor Shower Meteor Shower One additional meteor and 7% less damage per point 6
Infernal Column Infernal Column 50% increased mana cost. Your meteors fall in a line in the direction you aim. 1
Mana Fall Mana Fall 15% increased mana efficiency per point. 4
Rapid Impacts Rapid Impacts Meteors drop 40% more frequently per point. Does not affect the total number of meteors. 3