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The Monolith of Fate, or Monolith, is a repeatable end-game Game Feature in Last Epoch. It allows players to rediscover all the possibilities of history and construct new timelines.

Access[ | ]

The Monolith of Fate can be accessed from the The End of Time, in the east side of the town. It can also be travelled to from the World Map, by choosing an unlocked timeline.

List of Timelines[ | ]

Name Level Unlocked Timelines Unique/Set Item Nodes
Fall of the Outcasts 58 The Stolen Lance, The Black Sun Bow, Quiver
The Stolen Lance 62 Blood, Frost and Death Wand, Catalyst
The Black Sun 66 - Helmet, Shield
Blood, Frost and Death 70 Ending the Storm, Fall of the Empire Body Armour
Ending the Storm 75 Fall of the Empire Glove
Fall of the Empire 80 Reign of Dragons Belt
Reign of Dragons 85 Spirits of Fire, The Age of Winter, The Last Ruin Melee Weapon
Spirits of Fire 90 (required for Empowered Timelines) Boot
The Age of Winter 90 (required for Empowered Timelines) Ring, Amulet
The Last Ruin 90 (required for Empowered Timelines) Relic

Overview[ | ]

The Monolith of Fate contains timelines, each of which tells an alternate flow of events. They can be navigated to their end and beaten in order to receive a blessing, which grants various buffs to the character.

Initially, only one timeline is unlocked. Timelines are interconnected on the World Map, and they are unlocked successively by stabilizing the preceding ones. Timeline progress persists between logouts.

The Echo Web[ | ]

Each timeline contains a web of nodes, which can be individually completed to collect Stability and rewards. When a node is completed, more nodes are revealed. Players start off in the center of the Web when the timeline is accessed for the first time.

Nodes play out on a specific Zone map each, with a specific objective that is revealed upon entry. These must be completed and the player must successfully portal out thereafter. The most common ones are:

  • Slay enemies to discover a location of a Gate and seal it
  • Slay enemies to lure out an ambush of strong enemies and defeat it (can be disguised as a Gate or Boss objective)
  • Seek out and destroy Spires
  • Slay enemies to discover a location of a Boss and defeat it
  • Slay strong patrolling enemies
  • Defeat waves of monsters in an arena

Echoes grant modifiers to Enemies, making them progressively more dangerous, while simultaneously increasing item rarity and Experience gained. Individual modifiers may persist over multiple echoes.

Quest Echoes[ | ]

Timelines also contain three Quest Echoes: milestones that tell the story of the timeline. These can be attempted and unlocked, once the timeline garnered enough stability. Completing the final Quest Echo also stabilizes the timeline, unlocking new paths to other timelines.

Other key concepts[ | ]

Corruption[ | ]

Echo of a World nodes contain the Shade of Orobyss, whose defeat brings corruption on the timeline. Corruption adds a permanent monster health and damage increase to all echoes, while increasing the amount of stability echoes can bring, monster level, item rarity and experience gained.

Blessings[ | ]

As a reward for completing a timeline, a player is given a choice of at least three blessings, of which one can be activated. Blessings are permanent buffs for your character, which can be re-rolled or swapped out by completing the timeline again. You can have only one blessing equipped per timeline.

The fourth and fifth blessing slots are unlocked with 50+ and 200+ Corruption present in the timeline, respectively.

Special Echoes[ | ]

The Web can contain special echoes, which can be used to gather information or manipulate the properties of the timeline:

  • Vessel of Memory - uncompletes the Echo Web, allowing to claim the reward of discovered nodes an additional time.
  • Vessel of Chaos - rerolls the echo rewards of uncompleted nodes.
  • Beacon - illuminates a large area around the node, revealing more echoes in a larger radius.
  • Sanctuary of Eterra - reduces Corruption in the timeline (only in Empowered timelines)
  • Echo of a World - resets the Echo Web and adds Corruption to the timeline

Echo Rewards[ | ]

Monolith Node Reward

A treasure chest for opening is rewarded after portalling out and completing the Echo, proportional to the enemies killed. The chest can drop any type of items, glyphs and runes.

Echoes also grant an additional node-specific reward, if completed on the first attempt:

  • Normal nodes grant additional loot (claimable from the reward crystal after the node is completed):
    • Three Tomes of Experience.
    • Piles of Gold.
    • Assorted Affix Shards, Glyphs or Runes.
    • Assorted Rare items of a given type.
    • A Unique or Set item.
    • An Arena Key (Arena Key of Memory above level 90).
  • Echo of a World, Vessel of Memory and Vessel of Chaos nodes grant a large stability rate (twice of a regular node).

Legendary (Empowered) Timelines[ | ]

After the three level 90 timelines are conquered, you can activate Empowered Mode by touching the crystal at their junction. From then on, level 100 variants of all timelines can also be attempted, which start off with 100 Corruption.

Empowered Timelines work much like their regular counterparts, with the following differences:

  • A Unique or Set Item of a given type is added to the reward pool. These nodes have a higher chance to appear with more Corruption.
  • Sanctuary of Eterra nodes are added to the center when Corruption is above 100.
  • The third Quest Echo requires only stability to access.
  • Bosses can drop an exclusive Empowered-only item.
  • Defeating the timeline boss adds 1 Gaze of Orobyss, as well as reward you with Grand Blessings.
  • Defeating The Shade of Orobyss consumes all Gaze of Orobyss for additional Corruption. Gazes are lost when dying to the Shade, however.