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Noble Gloves are base Gloves with a level requirement of 31.

Noble Gloves
32-32 Added Armor
3-10 Increased Cast Speed

Equipment Based on Noble Gloves

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
Atrophy.pngAtrophyGloves32-32 Added Armor
3-10 Increased Cast Speed
Unique% Increased Damage Over Time (40-100)
% Increased Time Rot Duration (20-40)
% Chance to Slow on Hit (20-40)
% Chance to Slow Attackers (20-40)
Rust and corrosion stand as monuments to the inevitability of time.64
IsadorasGravechill.pngIsadora's GravechillGloves32-32 Added Armor
3-10 Increased Cast Speed
Set+20 Health
+12 Cold damage with spells and attacks
+100 Chance to chill with necrotic abilities if you have killed an enemy in the last 5 seconds
Set (2):
60% Increased Necrotic Damage if you have been hit in the last 5 seconds
Set (3):
+30% Mana Efficiency with Necrotic Abilities
"..Yet her strength was not blood, but of bone.."8
TheLastBearsFury.pngThe Last Bear's FuryGloves32-32 Added Armor
3-10 Increased Cast Speed
Set43% Increased physical melee damage
3% Increased health regen per point of strength
47% Increased melee stun chance
+3% Critical strike chance with Swipe
Set (2):
+15% Critical strike multiplier
Set (3):
100% Increased health regeneration if you have stunned an enemy recently
The last bear stood alone against the void, guarding the cave in which she thought her cubs still rested.31