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Runes are consumables that can be used to drastically change an item during the crafting process.


Runes are a crafting item that can be used in the support item slot on the crafting panel. They can greatly change the affixes an item, or they can even completely destroy it.

Like Glyphs, they can either drop from random enemies and containers, or they are awarded from certain echoes in the Monolith of Fate.

Currently, there are seven existing types of runes:

  • Rune of Shattering - Destroys an item, creating a random number of affix shards based on its affixes.
  • Rune of Removal - Removes a random affix on an item, returning a number of its affix shards based on tier.
  • Rune of Shaping - Rerolls all implicits on an item.
  • Rune of Refinement - Rerolls all affixes on an item within their ranges.
  • Rune of Discovery - Fills all open affix slots on an item with random tier 1 affixes.
  • Rune of Ascendance - Replaces an item with a unique or set item of the same item type (world drops only).
  • Rune of Creation - Duplicates an item, setting the Forging Potential on both items to 0.