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Unique Equipment, as the name implies, is Equipment that is unique in Last Epoch.


Unique equipment has one or more of the following special attributes: A unique mechanic, implicit stats, and/or affix stats that cannot be attained via Crafting.

Unique equipment has an orange colored name/border, a unique name, and unique icons/models. When dropped on the ground they will be indicated by an orange beam of light from the sky.


Unique equipment cannot be used in crafting, meaning it cannot be shattered nor can affixes be attached to them.

List of Unique Equipment[]

Unique Weapons[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
AlchemistsLadleIcon.pngAlchemist's LadleWeapon  -  Wand10-10 Added Melee Fire Damage
5-5 Increased Base Spell Damage
Unique31% chance to ignite, chill, shock, bleed, slow, poison, and blind on melee hitinfused with countless potions, it's effects are unpredictableBurning Branch
Arek's Bones.pngArek's BonesWeapon  -  One Handed Blunt WeaponNo results No results
No results No results
No results No results
Weapon Range: 0m
Unique+20 to 50 Physical Damage
+74% chance to apply armour shred on hit for you and your minions
182% increased armour shred effect for you and your minions
100% chance to summon Arek's Flesh when a hit leaves you below half health
The necromancers were careful to keep Arek's mind intact while they extracted the bones from his flesh.Bladed Mace63
BeastKing.pngBeast KingWeapon  -  One Handed Axe+40, +40 Added Melee Physical Damage, Added Melee Physical Damage
+2% to 5%, +4% Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Chance
, ,
Weapon Range: 1.9m
Unique15 - 25 Melee Physical Damage
10% to 20% Increased Melee Attack Speed
50% to 75% Increased Minion Health
8% Less damage taken if your minions have killed recently.
The King of Beasts leads the charge.Raider Axe45
BoneHarvester.pngBone HarvesterWeapon  -  Two Handed Axe50-50 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
UniqueAdds 45 Melee Necrotic Damage
20% chance to summon a Skeleton Harvester for 15 seconds on kill
Some kill without a purpose. Acolytes kill for the harvest.Executioner Axe
Cinder Song.pngCinder SongWeapon  -  Wand71-95 Increased Base Spell Damage
Weapon Range: 1.7m
Unique130% Increased Fire Damage
10% Chance to Inflict Spreading Flames on Hit
-3 Mana Cost for Fire Spells
Fireball has 2 Additional Projectiles
An ode to fires pastArch Mage Wand40
CulnivarsClaim.pngCulnivar's ClaimWeapon  -  Sceptre35-35 Added Melee Physical Damage
71-110 Increased Base Spell Damage
-3--3 Subtracted Spell Mana Cost
Unique90% Increased Spell Lightning Damage
90% Increased Spell Lightning Critical Strike Chance
10% Increased Mana Regen
100% of Mana converted to Ward when you reach Full Mana
Culnivar, last scion of Liath, was a symbol of hope for the living slaves of Thetima.Emerald Sceptre50
Draalsting.pngDraalstingWeapon  -  Two Handed Polearm35-35 Added Melee Physical Damage
3-7 Increased Movement Speed
Weapon Range: 3m
Unique12% less Melee Attack Speed
120% additional Melee Poison Chance
175% increased Poison Damage
Poison the mind, kill the heart.Talon Spear
Dreamthorn.pngDreamthornWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword17-17 Added Melee Physical Damage
7-22 Added Melee Void Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Unique25 added Melee Void Damage
125 added void penetration
10-16% added Block Chance
20-29 Health Gain on Block
Eater of dreams, weaver of nightmares.Doomblade16
EyeofReen.pngEye of ReenWeapon  -  One Handed Sword33-33 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2m
Unique+25-40 Melee Fire Damage
+100-200% Chance To Ignite on Melee Hit
Gain a stack of Reen's Ire for 5 seconds on melee crit
Each stack of Reen's Ire grants 5% additional critical strike multiplier and 5% increased fire damage over time.
Dance through the flamesKatana40
HammerOfLorrentIcon.pngHammer of LorentWeapon  -  Two Handed Blunt Weapon18-18 Added Melee Physical Damage
15-25 Increased Melee Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Unique20% added chance to chill on hit
1 added melee physical damage per level
1% added melee stun chance per level
Lorent may be gone, but its memory will remain with you as you grow.Sledgehammer
HummingBee.pngHumming BeeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.9m
Unique20% increased melee attack speed
3 ward gained on melee hit
1% increased elemental damage per 250 ward
1% increased movement speed per 250 ward
Morditas Reach.pngMorditas' ReachWeapon  -  Two Handed Polearm82-82 Added Melee Physical Damage
3-9 Increased Critical Strike Chance
Weapon Range: 3m
Unique1% of Cold Damage Leeched as Life
+10 Strength
+500% Chance to Inflict Frostbite on Melee Hit
+20 Melee Cold Damage for you and your minions
Boundless ambition enshrined in iceRanseur70
RainbowEdgeIcon.pngRainbow EdgeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword14-14 Added Melee Physical DamageUnique25% added critical strike multiplier
7 added melee fire damage
7 added melee lightning damage
7 added melee cold damage
Eastern Blade
ReachOfTheGraveIcon.pngReach of the GraveWeapon  -  Wand10-12 Increased Minion Damage
6-10 Increased Base Spell Damage
UniqueYour minion's spell and bow attacks deal 100% increased damage.
Your minions leech 10% of damage dealt by their spells and bow attacks as health.
The touch of death reaches far beyond the grave.Necromancer's Wand
Stormbreaker.pngStormbreakerWeapon  -  Two Handed Blunt Weapon38-38 Added Melee Physical Damage
30-55 Increased Melee Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Unique30 added Melee Lightning Damage
30% of physical damage taken as lightning
15% of lightning damage leeched as health
150 added lightning protection
Strike with the power of the stormGreat Mace14
TasteofBlood.pngTaste of BloodWeapon  -  One Handed Axe23-23 Added Melee Physical Damage
12-20 Increased Chance to Bleed on Hit
Weapon Range: 1.9m
UniqueAdds 20 - 30 Melee Physical Damage
15 Life gained on kill
50% - 75% Added Chance to Bleed on Melee Hit
When you hit a bleeding enemy with a melee attack, all bleed stacks on that enemy double in speed.
A bloody fervor clouds the mindBattle Axe20
Tempest Maw.pngTempest MawWeapon  -  One Handed Axe+40, +40 Added Melee Physical Damage, Added Melee Physical Damage
+4%, +4% Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Chance
, ,
Weapon Range: 1.9m
Unique+17 Melee Lightning Damage
+75% Base Spell Damage
-4 Totem Mana Cost
+4 Strength and Attunement
A last sign of favour bestowed to those doomed to fight for Lagon's amusement in his sunken arena.Raider Axe45
TheLastLaughIcon.pngThe Last LaughWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword53-53 Added Melee Physical Damage
17-67 Increased Melee Critical Strike Multiplier
Weapon Range: 2.4m
UniqueInstantly kill enemies that are below 15% health
5% added melee critical strike chance if you have less than 100 dodge rating
30 added melee physical damage
5 added strength
When the headsman's blade falls, Sarno laughs in triumphAncient Blade
TorchofthePontifex.pngTorch of the PontifexWeapon  -  Two Handed Blunt Weapon38-38 Added Melee Physical Damage
30-55 Increased Melee Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Unique130% - 170% increased Fire Damage Over Time
You take 13% increased Fire Damage
You cremate enemies you kill, burning enemies around them.
You have a 10% chance to summon a burning skeleton for 10 seconds when you cremate an enemy.
Pontifex Yulia, High Priestess of the Immortal Empire, would sacrifice entire villages and raise burning soldiers from the ashes.Great Mace20

Unique Offhands[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
CloseCall.pngClose CallOffhand  -  Shield27-32 Block Chance
80-120 Added Block Protection
100-180 Added Block Armor
Unique50% less block protection
+80 Dodge Rating
40% increased dodge rating for each hit you have blocked recently.
Light on your feet, with a foot in the graveTower Shield5
75x180pxIgnivar's HeadOffhand  -  Catalyst6-10 Intelligence
2%-4% Spell Critical Strike Chance
Unique40% - 60% Increased Fire Damage
Cast fire aura every 2 seconds while channeling
Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance
Dying cinders illumminate the empty skillAshen Skull50
RahyehsLight.pngRahyehs LightOffhand  -  Shield30-35 Block Chance
550-850 Added Block Protection
550-850 Added Block Armor
Unique+100 Health
15% Increased Fire Damage
50% Less Fire Spell Duration
Refresh the duration of fireshield at the cost of 80 ward at the end of its duration
Burn with the fire of the eternal sunGreat Shield15
SoulBastionIcon.pngSoul BastionOffhand  -  Shield20-25 Block Chance
400-650 Added Block Protection
40-40 Added Armor
Unique10% added block chance
500 added block protection
Gains a Soul Charge on kill, which lasts for 10 seconds
At 5 Soul Charges, casts Soul Eruption, which applies Mark for Death to 5 enemies and yourself
The weight of souls is too much for most.Imperial Shield
TheMonolith.pngThe SlabOffhand  -  Shield25-29 Block Chance
100-200 Added Block Protection
Unique40% Reduced Block Chance
100% Reduced Damage Taken on Block
Some slabs mark the dead, this one marks the living.Heater Shield

Unique Body Armors[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
Dark Shroud of Cinders.pngDark Shroud of CindersBody Armor114-114 Added Armor
29-114 Added Lightning Protection
Unique% Chance to Blind on Hit (17-25)
Added Spell Void Damage (7-12)
% Increased Fire Cast Speed (12-17)
% Chance to cast Fire Aura when hit (1 second cooldown) (17-25)
The dying embers of a god swiling around a blackened cloak.Copper Plate66
DoubletOfOnusTull.pngDoublet of Onos TullBody Armor25-25 Added ArmorUniqueMinion melee attacks have 40% additional chance to bleed
100% increased bleed duration for minions
Adds 60 health
The horns of the Immortal Empire fill the hearts of the living with fear, and the bones of the dead with gloryLeather Coat
Exsanguinous.pngExsanguinousBody Armor32-32 Added Armor
3-15 Increased Base Spell Damage
UniqueYou lose 20% of your current health per second
Gain 20% of your missing health as ward per second
20% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed if you have used a potion in the last 4 seconds
Immunity to Bleed at low life
Crazed is the mind of a blood starved LichNoble Raiment23
Preparation.pngYrun's WisdomBody Armor85-85 Added ArmorUnique65 added health
30 added melee cold damage when above 65% health
30% of melee damage leeched as health when below 65% health
Yrun was wise in battle, but not in his betrayal of Heorot.Banded Armor27
PrismWrapsIcon.pngPrism WrapsBody Armor25-25 Added ArmorUnique30% less elemental damage taken
30% increased elemental damage
30% increased critical strike chance
2% to 8% of elemental damage leeched as health on crit
The elements shift like light through a prism, if you control the prism you control the elements.Leather Coat5
TheFalcon.pngThe FalconBody Armor20-20 Added ArmorUniqueAdds 45 Dodge Rating
15% increased Movement Speed if you have hit an enemy in the last 5 seconds
May the dying breaths of your enemies put air beneath your wingsRefuge Armor
TitanHeart.pngTitan HeartBody Armor114-114 Added Armor
29-114 Added Lightning Protection
UniqueAdds 50 Armor
100% less health regen (You do not regenerate health)
10% less damage taken
30% increased health
Heart of stone, blood of gravelCopper Plate15
UrzilsPride.pngUrzil's PrideBody Armor50-50 Added ArmorUniqueAdds 25 Armor
Adds 40 Mana
Adds 13 Strength
1% Increased mana regeneration per 100 points of armor
Strength of mind and strength of body are a potent combinationIron Armor15
Valeroot.pngValerootBody ArmorNo results No results
No results No results
No results No results
Weapon Range: 0m
UniqueIncreased Base Spell Damage 40% - 60%
Health 40 - 60
Mana 40 - 60
Damage reflected to attackers 40 -60
The roots of Eterra grow through stone and flesh and timeForest Garb35
Wings of Argentus.pngWings of ArgentusBody Armor+220 ArmorUnique% Increased Melee Fire Damage (40-100)
% Increased Melee Cold Damage (40-100)
% Chance to gain Haste for 1 second on Hit (40)
% Less Damage Taken While Moving (40)
Falter not before the fire nor the ice, but let your ambition be your wings and soar above them both.Gladiator Armor82

Unique Helmets[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
ArtorsLegacy.pngArtor's LegacyHelmet35-35 Added Armor
5-15 Increased Health Regeneration
Unique+1 Maximum companions
+25% chance to chill on melee hit
+25% chill duration
25% increased melee attack speed
The great wolf Artor ran with Heorot in time long forgottenLupine Helmet26
Calamity.pngCalamityHelmet5-5 Added Armor
10-35 Added Mana
5-25 Increased Spell Damage
Unique150% increased ignite chance for fire skills
40% increased fire damage
You take 2 fire damage per second per fire kill in the last 5 seconds
Set the world ablaze and burn along with itJewelled Circlet7
DecayedSkull.pngDecayed SkullHelmet50-50 Added ArmorUnique80% increased void damage
20% of void damage taken as physical
20% of necrotic damage taken as physical
80% increased necrotic damage
Only the evil trade their sanity for powerDome Cap24
Snowblind.pngSnowblindHelmet40-40 Added ArmorUniqueCold skills have 20% chance to blind
Adds 80 cold protection
Adds 40 armor
You cannot be blinded
Blind with the snow, never blinded by it.Iron Casque10

Unique Boots[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
EterrasPathIcon.pngEterra's PathBoots35-35 Added Armor
12-17 Increased Movement Speed
UniqueYou and your minions have 20% increased movement speed
You and your minions have 80% increased healing effectiveness
Every second if you are moving you have a 20% chance to cast summon vine or entangling roots
Life grows in your footstepsBrigandine Boots
Mourningfrost.pngMourningfrostBoots5-5 Added Armor
8-11 Increased Movement Speed
Unique4-10% increased Health
10-17% increased Movement Speed
+1 cold damage to spells and attacks per point of Dexterity
1% increased damage taken per point of Dexterity
Spread ice with every step, like frost before sunriseLeather Boots8
Stormtide.pngStormtideBoots30-30 Added Armor
4-7 Increased Movement Speed
Unique30% increased Movement Speed
+120% Chance to Shock on Lightning Hit
+260% Shock Effect
You are shocked for 4 seconds when you stop moving (Does not shock you if you are already shocked. Your shock effectiveness does not apply to this shock)
Rest was a sin among the messenger priests of Lagon, and these boots would punish the wearer accordingly.Iron Greaves24
Stymied Fate.pngStymied FateBoots8 Added Armor
10-13% Increased Movement Speed
10-15% Ward Retention
Unique% Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed for Class Movement Skills (15-25)
% Increased Damage Over Time (65-125)
% Chance to apply Doom on Hit (10-30)
% Chance to gain Haste for 1 second on Hit (15-25)
The end comes slowly, then quickly, then it is all that has ever been.Arcane Boots60

Unique Gloves[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
Atrophy.pngAtrophyGloves32-32 Added Armor
3-10 Increased Cast Speed
Unique% Increased Damage Over Time (40-100)
% Increased Time Rot Duration (20-40)
% Chance to Slow on Hit (20-40)
% Chance to Slow Attackers (20-40)
Rust and corrosion stand as monuments to the inevitability of time.Noble Gloves64
BoulderfistsIcon.pngBoulderfistsGloves35-35 Added Armor
5-50 Added Elemental Protection
Unique160% increased melee stun chance
160 added armor
60 added health
You cannot leech health
Strike with the force of a mountainLagonian Gauntlets
Fightingchance.pngFighting ChanceGloves28-28 Added ArmorUnique45% increased Melee Damage
10% increased Damage Taken
15 Health Gain on Kill
Fight for your lifeIron Gauntlets15
Keepers Gloves.pngKeepers GlovesGloves15-15 Added ArmorUnique70-170 Poison Protection
10% chance to cast swarm of bees on melee hit (15 second cooldown) (Swarm of bees repeatedly deals poison damage hits to surrounding enemies for 8 seconds)
Swarm of bees has a high stun chance
Refuge Gloves
RiverbendGraspIcon.pngRiverbend GraspGloves7-7 Added Armor
10-30 Added Void Protection
Unique15% chance to throw an axe at a nearby enemy on hit
50-100% increased throwing damage
70-140% increased dodge rating
30-60 added health
Move with the fluidity of water, relax and you can react without resistanceLeather Gloves8
WingGuardsIcon.pngWing GuardsGloves  -  Engraved Gauntlets65-65 Added ArmorUnique200 added dodge rating
28% chance to gain haste for 1 second on hit
40% increased melee attack speed
You cannot deal critical strikes
Speed is its own accuracyEngraved Gauntlets45

Unique Belts[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
75x180pxThe ScavengerBelt4-4 Potion SlotsUnique40% - 120% chance to find potions
Gain Haste for 3 seconds on potion use
20% - 45% increased dodge rating
Gods may fall and empires crumble, but the furtive scavenger lives on.Leather Belt14
ChainsOfUleros.pngChains of UlerosBelt  -  Belt5-20 Added Mana
3 Potion Slots
Unique+40 Necrotic Protection
12% Increased Damage
24% Reduced Duration of Stuns on You
Your Potions Grant Ward instead of Health
Tether yourself to this mortal realmNoble Sash32
Shattered Chains.pngShattered ChainsBelt50-100 Added Armor
3-3 Potion Slots
Unique% increased Armor (50-70)
Added Melee Void Damage (5-10)
% Increased Melee Damage (50-70)
Using a Potion Cleanses Stun and Freeze
As he was interred chains fell from the sky. As he was exhumed chains fell from the dead.Plated Belt70
Strands of Souls.pngStrands of SoulsBelt4-4 Potion SlotsUniqueWard Gained on Potion Use (180-320)
% of Mana Spent Gained as Ward (100)
% Ward Retention (30-70)
Ward Gain on Kill (5-10)
It is unseemly to wear the heads of your foes upon your belt like a common witch or wengari, and what is the point if the eyes can no longer see and the brains can no longer think. No, a necromancer should wear the souls of those they have conquered, a repository of sentient energy ready to consume.Leather Belt82
Vipertail.pngVipertailBelt3-3 Potion SlotsUniqueAdds 50% Poison Chance
Adds 50% Slow Chance
5% Increased Melee Attack Speed
45% Increased Dodge Rating
The bite of the viper brings lethargy and deathSash6
WardTrail.pngWard TrailBelt4-4 Potion SlotsUniqueAdds 80 Dodge Rating
10% increased movement speed
Gain 40 ward on dodge
Many things are fickle, few more so than life itselfLeather Belt14

Unique Rings[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
ArborealCircuit.pngArboreal CircuitRing3-8 Increased Movement SpeedUniqueAdds 300-721 Minion Armor
+8-10% increased Movement Speed
10% chance to summon an Illusory Tree when hit (15 second cooldown)
You can search round and round, but you are seeking an illusion.Silver Ring
Hollow Finger.pngHollow FingerRing  -  Ring5-35 Increased Minion Damage
5-35 Increased Minion Health
Unique+40% Chance to Chill on Hit
+4 Melee Necrotic Damage
+80 Cold Protection
+1 Maximum Skeleton
Only brittle skin remainsTurquoise Ring31
Ribbons of Blood.pngRibbons of BloodRing28-45% Fire Resistance
28-45% Increased Fire Damage
Unique% Increased Health (7-10)
% of Melee Minion Damage Leeched as Health on Hit (2-4)
% Minion Increased Leech Rate (20-40)
Melee Physical Damage for Minions (4-7)
The congealing liquid grips tight around your finger, the memories of its vessels passing into those that you summon.Ruby Ring53
RingoftheThirdEye.pngRing of the Third EyeRing7-25 Increased Stun ChanceUnique30% increased critical strike chance
-30% critical strike multiplier
30% chance to gain 15 ward on crit
forsee the strikes, imbue them with powerCopper Ring
Siphon of Anguish.pngSiphon of AnguishRing5-18% Increased Elemental ResistanceUnique% of Melee Damage Leeched as Health (1-3)
% of Void Damage Leeched as Health (1-3)
% Increased Leech Rate (10-30)
% Increased Movement Speed (3-8)
The sorrow of those that remain feeds the hungering void.Gold Ring55

Unique Relics[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
GrimoireOfNecroticElixers.pngGrimoire of Necrotic ElixersRelic1-2 Added Vitality
20-2 Reduced Health Regeneration
Unique+2 Vitality
5% of Current Health Drained per Second for 4 seconds when you use a potion.
60% increased void protection, necrotic protection, and poison protection for 4 seconds on potion use.
+20 Necrotic Damage to melee attacks and spells for 4 seconds on potion use.
Take a quaff from draught of undeathStained Tome24
Soulfire.pngSoulfireRelic10-30 Chance to Ignite on HitUnique+60 Health
+160% chance to ignite on hit with fire skills and necrotic skills
60% increased fire damage if you have killed an enemy recently
100% increased armor while ignited
The souls of the damned burn with eternal fireSolarum Ensign34
TomeofElements.pngTome of ElementsRelic6-10 Added ManaUnique2% of Elemental Damage leeched as Health
+24-44% chance to Chill, Shock, and Ignite with elemental abilities
The power of the elements is greatest in their most primal stateAncient Tome

Unique Amulets[]

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase ItemReq. Level
BleedingHeart.pngBleeding HeartAmulet5-15 Increased Melee Attack Speed
5-15 Increased Throwing Attack Speed
Unique35% less Health Regen
5% of damage leeched as Health
You are inflicted with Bleed when you cast a spell
Drink the blood of the weakJade Amulet8
ChimaerasEssenceIcon.pngChimaera's EssenceAmulet5-15 Increased Melee Attack Speed
5-15 Increased Throwing Attack Speed
Unique140% increased damage while transformed
10% increased movement speed while transformed
20% reduced armor and protections while transformed
Jade Amulet
DeathRattle.pngDeath RattleAmulet5-35 Increased Minion Damage
5-35 Increased Minion Critical Strike Chance
UniqueYour minions take 20% increased damage
+140% Minion Critical Strike Multiplier
Gain 20 health on minion death
The rattle of the dying is the sound of weakness leaving the world.Turquoise Amulet
Frozen Eyes of Formosus.pngFrozen Eyes of FormosusAmulet5-15 Increased Cast Speed
5-15 Base Spell Damage
UniqueAdded Spell Necrotic Damage (4-8)
% Freeze Rate Per Stack of Chill (50-80)
% Minion Freeze Rate Per Stack of Chill (150-300)
% Chance to Chill on Hit (25-40)
The eyes still stare out, transfixed with longing for the power their owner sought.Brass Amulet70
Omnis.pngOmnisAmulet5-35 Increased Critical Strike ChanceUnique+1 to Skills
% Increased Resistances (1-45)
All the stars in the empty sky flicker at once and fade into silence and shadow.Silver Amulet75
Orians Eye.pngOrian's EyeAmulet  -  Amulet Less Damage Over Time TakenUnique100% of Void Damage Taken as Fire
+100% Increased Fire Protection
+100 Mana
+100% Increased Duration of Stun Immunity After Being Stunned
The future burns within the prophetic lensOracle Amulet76
StrongMind.pngStrong MindAmulet10-50 Added Lightning Protection
5-15 Base Spell Damage
UniqueAdds 30 Mana
150% of maximum mana added as stun avoidance
Cast a small lightning explosion when you are stunned
Stand FastCopper Amulet
TheClaw.pngThe ClawAmulet5-15 Increased Cast Speed
5-15 Base Spell Damage
Unique+30 Health
+1 maximum wolf
+6% Melee Physical Damage for Minions
A wolf never hunts aloneBrass Amulet8
TheFang.pngThe FangAmulet1-5 Added VitalityUnique+60 Health
+1 maximum wolf
20% increased minion damage per active wolf
+12 Added Minion Melee Physical Damage
A wolf never hunts aloneBone Amulet58
The Confluence of Fate.pngThe Confluence of FateAmulet5-35 Increased Critical Strike ChanceUniqueAdded Spell Fire Damage (5-13)
% Increased Fire Damage Taken on Hit (5-13)
Added Spell Necrotic Damage (5-13)
% Increased Necrotic Damage Taken on Hit (5-13)
The fall of Eterra is inevitable, as it always has been.Silver Amulet81